Anne Rowthorn

Environmentalist, Writer, Retreat and Workshop Leader



Eco-Hikes/Tide Treks/Workshops/Retreats/Consultation

Nature is the world’s best tranquilizer, offering to all a sense of serenity and peace. It also sharpens our sensitivities to the needs of our suffering world. Through exercises, meditation and liturgy, the natural world comes alive—and so do we.

The World of John Muir: Workshops/presentations on seeing nature through the eyes of the great environmentalist

Eco-hikes in forests and parks, we are refreshed by the gentle breezes ruffling through the trees, by the soft earth under our feet, by the bird-song and the gurgling of the running brook. Through being in a natural place our souls are nurtured by nature’s bounty as we become refreshed and empowered to effect change in our lives and in the world.

Tide treks are meditative beach hikes where participants walk the tide line, observing the flow of the waves, the wind-swept sand, beach life and birds. The outgoing waves encourage the throwing away of habits which hinder and the incoming tide offers new opportunities.

Ecological workshops and retreats of a few hours or a whole day and weekend can be arranged for groups of moderate size.

Eco-Consultation: Anne will help you plan eco-events and liturgies catered to the interests and concerns of your community, synagogue or church.