Anne Rowthorn

Environmentalist, Writer, Retreat and Workshop Leader


About Anne

Anne Rowthorn

Anne Rowthorn, Ph. D. is a writer specializing in ecology and eco-spirituality. Her passion is the environment, and the beautiful, rural, southeastern Connecticut town where she lives is a perfect setting for her life and work. While on the road she collects ecological literature from the great cultures and religions of the world. Earth and All the Stars was the first book of this type. Her newest book is God’s Good Earth, which she compiled with her husband, Jeffery (Liturgical Press, 2018).

Anne has written just about everything—articles, editorials, book reviews and books. She has nine books and two more in press. Her pen and notebook have taken her all over the USA, to Asia, Latin America, Europe and Eastern Europe. She interviewed brave kids who live on the streets of Bucharest and teenagers in a hard bitten, drug infested neighborhood of Memphis. She talked to high school students in an elite section of Atlanta, many of whom suffer from anorexia. On the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation of South Dakota, Mr. Pipe on Head gave her a tour of his sweat lodge and warned her not to step on a nearby ant hill for fear of harming “my little pets.” Throughout her travels she has been privileged to meet a host of interesting people whose points of view have shaped her outlook as a writer and as a person. It has been said that through the exercise of her craft a writer not only produces a product, she also builds a life. Her book, Your Daily Life Is Your Temple was designated a best spirituality book of the year in 2006 by Spirituality & Practice.

While Anne is primarily a writer, she also leads workshops, retreats and eco-hikes.