Book cover: The Wisdom of John Muir

Introducing a New Book by Anne Rowthorn:

The Wisdom of John Muir:
100+ Selections from the Letters, Journals, and Essays of the Great Naturalist Wilderness Press, 2012

The Wisdom of John Muir is a compilation of more than 100 of Muir’s most evocative writings. As you read the stirring words of this iconic naturalist, you’ll feel the wildness of nature calling to you. Through Muir’s writings, you’ll experience the solace and beauty of a sugar pine forest, the adventure of one harrowing night spent on a glacier, and the wonder of the pristine Yosemite Valley and the Sierra Nevada Mountains before they were tainted by human intervention.

For Muir, to be outdoors was to be home, where discovery and adventure awaited around each bend in the trail, and the creatures of the mountains, streams and sky were his friends. It is no wonder that John Muir became nature’s most powerful proponent, prompting President Theodore Roosevelt to create our national parks. Americans have John Muir to thank for one of our great treasures, our national parks. In The Wisdom of John Muir you will get to know the man behind the legend.


“Muir was one of those very rare Americans who changed the way we see the world. He helped free our minds, and our bodies—he was a liberationist par excellence, and the great wheeling freedom of his words shines through to this day. Pack a rucksack, grab an apple and a copy of this book, and go find someplace suitable to read it!”
—Bill McKibben, from the Foreword

“Here is a book that sings—giving us Muir’s melodies within the larger symphony of his life. The result is brilliant and inspiring.”
—Mary Evelyn Tucker, Forum on Religion and ecology, Yale University

“Anne Rowthorn’s moving, uplifting narrative removes despair and engenders a Muir-like enthusiasm for life and action….”
—Dr. Brent Blackwelder, Friends of the Earth

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